More than 4 years experience in financial management;
    Optimistic, cheerful, creative, honest and trustworthy;
    Work enthusiasm and determination, a strong ability to learn, the courage to face the challenges;
    Good interpersonal and communication skills, strong organizational leadership;
    We have a good team spirit, rigorous style of work;
    Earth and steady, strong sense of responsibility and initiative.
    True dry, learning staff:
    There are accounts for 5 years, costing experience, familiar with ERP / OFFICE / Kingdee software, work careful, be patient;
    Loyalty dedicated, diligent, hard working, a good work ethic;
    Active thinking, strong learning ability and creative spirit;
    Good communication, good team player, able to work under pressure.
    I rigorous character, who carefully work attitude, strong digital ideas, studious, and strive to make progress; steadfast, self-discipline, adhere to the principle of doing things; with a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, the courage to meet the new challenges!
    I have more than two years of administrative work experience, and have a
certain familiarity with personnel attendance, logistics, office supplies
procurement, employee mentality exchange and administrative affairs. Have a
sense of responsibility, strong execution ability, love their own work, and have
good communication and coordination skills. Willing to bear hardships and stand
hard work, have the courage to forge ahead. If I can join your company, I will
do my best.
    I am honest and trustworthy, careful work, proactive, responsible,
self-motivated, and able to bear hardships and stand hard work. Cheerful
personality, easy to get along with, strong applicability, strong principle,
strong communication and coordination ability, strong professionalism and team
spirit, sensitive to numbers and keen awareness. Proficient in computers,
proficient in the use of Jindie financial software, after years of accounting
practice, I have been able to proficiently handle the overall accounting of
various industries, and have a certain financial foundation
    1. Have more than 5 years of financial work experience, have a solid
accounting foundation, be able to independently complete the overall accounting,
and be familiar with current accounts;
    2. Understand the relevant laws and regulations of national taxation, and
be familiar with the general taxpayer electronic declaration system and tax
control and invoicing system.
    3. Be proficient in operating office software, familiar with corporate
financial processes, have experience in processing accounts receivable and
payable and payroll accounting, and be familiar with ERP system operation
(understand UF ERP);
    4. The work is down-to-earth, serious, with a strong sense of
responsibility, proactive, honest and dedicated, adhere to principles, have good
professional ethics and team spirit, and be able to face difficulties in work
and life with a positive attitude.
    5. Hold an accounting certificate!
    Familiar with the general taxpayer's accounting processing of
foreign-funded enterprises, sensitive to numbers, familiar with the tax
declaration process, proficient in the use of anti-counterfeiting tax control
and billing system, electronic declaration system, online authentication system,
Kingdee K3 and standard version, familiar with banking, industry and commerce,
taxation and other government departments process.
    I am enthusiastic about my work, have a strong sense of responsibility, and
am enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings. I hope that I can improve
myself when I help others, work from beginning to end, and have certain
organizational, management and planning skills and interpersonal communication
skills. I would like to use your eyes to open up my life journey!
    I am cheerful and friendly, optimistic and honest, honest and trustworthy,
with good psychological quality, strong adaptability to the environment, the
spirit of enduring hardships, perseverance in doing things, like challenges,
active, serious and responsible; able to pay attention to overall arrangements
and carry out effective Self-management; focus on teamwork, good at
communication and coordination; strong learning ability, and like to learn and
accept new things, convinced that if you work hard, you will be rewarded. With
my youth, I will make unremitting efforts to make myself better.
    As a college student majoring in accounting, although I have little work
experience, I will study modestly, work aggressively, and do my job faithfully.
Sincerely look forward to getting an appointment from your organization or
giving me the opportunity to interview, in order to further examine my ability.
Under the strict teaching and personal efforts of my teachers and friends, I
have studied professional courses: basic accounting, business accounting,
industrial enterprise accounting, cost accounting, intermediate financial
accounting, advanced financial accounting, financial management, management
accounting, national taxation, economic law, Statistics, abacus, etc. have a
solid professional basic knowledge. I can proficiently operate the software
modules of the computerized accounting system, and I am also familiar with
manual bookkeeping. After being trained by teachers in school, I have completed
a set of manual bookkeeping accounting graduation training. At the same time, I
also mastered the practical aspects of financial cashiers knowledge.
    During my time in school, I studied hard, achieved excellent grades, and
won many scholarships. In the summer vacation of __ years, I used the vacation
time to do an internship in Xiangsheng Motor Parts Co., Ltd. This not only
sublimated my professional skills, but also enabled my management and
organizational skills to be exerted and further exercised. Among them, my
skills: receiving people, eloquence, adaptability, and handling skills are all
followed. Constantly improving and perfecting.
    College life is not a paradise in our imagination, nor a paradise in our
dreams, but a furnace for training people. On the occasion of this training
opportunity, I will recommend myself to your unit for a special test, give me a
job training meeting, and give you a score. A sincere heart expects your trust.
A person's life is waiting for you to change.
    1. In terms of learning: have strong learning ability, and can quickly
become familiar with and adapt to new things and environments;
    2. In terms of work: through two and a half years of working experience in
an accounting firm, I have cultivated financial and auditing thinking and
consolidated Professional knowledge; have team awareness, be able to integrate
into the collective, cooperate effectively with the team, and establish friendly
and harmonious interpersonal relationships with others, adapt to the work
requirements of business trips and overtime, be practical and diligent, be able
to complete work arrangements on time and according to quantity, and be able to
withstand pressure
    Ability , good communication skills, good communication with customers,
harmonious relationship with
    colleagues , energetic and have good living habits.
    During school, systematically study and comprehensively master the
theoretical knowledge of accounting and related majors, participate in and pass
the school manual accounting simulation practice, teleconference simulation
practice, financial management computerization practice, familiar with financial
policies, regulations, and banking related business , able to handle the
accounting computerization business proficiently.
    Understand the all-round university basic education, and receive good
professional training and ability training. The character is calm and rigorous,
diligent and motivated, confident and optimistic, cheerful and open-minded.
Sincere in communication and good at collaboration. Meticulous work, strong
sense of responsibility, strong communication skills and pressure-bearing
    In social practice, combined with professional characteristics and work
reality, consciously strengthen the exercise of accounting and computer
application skills, and be able to flexibly apply accounting-related
professional theoretical knowledge to financial office, so as to better engage
in financial work and improve work efficiency and quality. Laid a solid
    Desire to create value for you, expect to improve and improve yourself on
your platform, and look forward to your recognition.
    Familiar with the establishment of financial system, financial system and
the formation and training of a professional financial team.
    Cheerful personality, strong sense of responsibility, integrity, strong
professionalism, keen insight and data sense, strong financial analysis ability,
learning ability and execution ability.
    Able to adapt to high pressure work in a short period of time. I have
always been conscientious and dedicated to my work.
    Internally, carefully manage financial management, always put the company's
interests first, dare to adhere to the principles, and at the same time flexibly
handle some sensitive issues to share the worries of the company's leaders.
    It can fully communicate with the outside world and deal with it calmly to
maximize the protection of the company's interests. I also know the importance
of diligence. Financial work is very meticulous work. It should not be sloppy.
It requires a lot of careful and solid labor. Constantly learning new knowledge,
constantly updating knowledge and concepts, knowledge is often new and new
people are often new.
    Good at financial management, asset management, including cash management,
accounts receivable management, inventory management, etc.; good at branch
management, including branch system construction and design of various reports;
good at store financial management, etc.
    In life, I am open-minded, honest, kind, hard-working and persistent. I
like sports, which complements my dynamic and static work in my work. I am good
at badminton, swimming, track and field, etc., and have won honors for the team
many times in the unit sports meeting. 60,000 km driving experience. With
confidence and sincerity, I look forward to being a part of your company.