Hello,everybody !it is my great honor to be here to share my idea with you
.Today,I will talk something about DREAM——A word that has changed the world
    “What do you think is the word that has really changed our world ”
    When I was asked about this question for the first time ,without thinking
it too much ,a word flash into my mind ——DREAM ,D-R-E-A-M.People more or less
dream about different things ,to be a teacher ,a doctor ,a scientist ,a
businessman and so on .All these people who have dreams should be respected
,because Dreams make the world go around .We grow great by our dreams.All big
men are great dreamers in their youth.Everyone has a dream ,and everything
starts as one’s daydream.
    Martin Luther king had a dream.He desired for a future where blacks and
whites would coexist harmoniously as equals.By speaking the way he did,he
educated,he inspired,he informed not just the people there,but people throughout
America and unborn generations.He pushed forward the pace of American black
society towards the racial equality .
    Thomas Edison had a dream.He dreamed of a lamp that could be operated by
electricity,began where he stood to put his dream into action,and despite more
than ten thousand failures,he stood by that dream until he made it a physical
reality!And today,his dream lights up the world at night.
    Walt Disney had a dream.This,in itself,wasn't unusual -- he was always
dreaming.He dreamed of making the first animated feature film,and of building an
amusement park that parents could enjoy right along with their kids.Walt Disney
empowered his dream and today,Disneyland,Disney world and Disney theme parks
attract around the world thrill millions of visitors each and every year.
    John F.kennedy had a dream.He wanted to land a man on the moon and return
him safely to earth so as to restore faith in the American way of life.John
F.kennedy empowered his dream and 8 years later Neil Armstrong stepped on the
face of the moon.The moon landing certainly gave Americans new found
    Dream --- A word that has changed the world Yes ,I would say so ,wouldn’t
    Youth is a special life relay station ,the growth with the worry ,the life
feeling become aware happily with the dream ,collected a unique youth melody in
here .
    We decide.We choose.And as we decide and choose,so are our lives formed.In
the end,forming our own destiny is what ambition is about.And most importantly
,You are the one you choose to be.
    It is easy to waste our lives ,our days ,our minutes .It is easy to exist
than living .So hold fast to your dreams,For if dreams die,life is a
broken-winged bird,That cannot fly.Hold fast to your dreams,For when dreams
go,life is a barren field,Frozen with snow.
    Dear teachers and students:
    Good morning / afternoon / evening! My name is Liu zi yuan. The title of my
speech is the relationship between creativity and imagination.
    There is no creativity without imagination. With the development of the
society, creativity becomes more and more important. People could not satisfy
with ordinary life. So we need creativity to meet their requirements. We can see
significance of the creativity from an example. The smart phone—iphone spread
all over the world. That was the creativity of The Apple Inc. It is obvious that
it will produce a bigger profit than common manufacturing. But, hao can we
acquire creativity?
    I think the creativity roots in imagination. Albert Einstein said that
imagination is important than knowledge. Because we should creative a thing that
is never appeared, we need to image. Use all the things and information around
us to think and then go to achieve it. Without the imagination of the Wright
brothers , human could not complete the flying dreams. Without the imagination
of the Alexander Graham Bell, we could not hear the voice from a distance. If
the creativity can make the human progress, imagination will be the road to
success. Where the imagination come from? Knowledge ? Experience ? practice? I
consider that all of them are indispensable. It is often said that knowledge is
power. So we should empower ourselves with knowledge. After that we need to
obtain experience form. practice. These are the basis, and we must strengthen
them to extend our imagination.
    As contemporary college students, we must shoulder the responsibility of
the future of our motherland. What we need is not only the knowledge of the
past, but also is the innovation of a new field. Our thought can not be bound by
the old things. We should understand that an excellent nation is always full of
creativity. So we must promote our imagination. There is no creativity without
imagination. That’s all, thank you!
    There is a wonderful word which expresses the most original motions and
desires among human-beings. With solving any kind of imperfections, our world
has moved ahead. This is the word “innovation” that we cannot afford to
    We chicaned every detail of the innovation. Thousands years before, we
created fire when we took a stone to knock another one. Since Han Dynasty, four
great inventions had been created and it is one of the greatest signs that China
become to the ancient civilized country. And nowadays, thousands of software,
products, architectures and public facilities have upgraded more than that about
100 years ago. So how did these happen? What will you do if you are not
satisfied with your tools anymore? What will you do if old mode cannot afford to
develop in a company? There is no doubt that we should innovate no matter where
we are and what we do. Not because of the design itself, but actually for its
intended purpose.
    If there was no Apple, everyone could not imagine how to contact others
easily and enjoy a better Internet surfing.
    If there was no Microsoft, perhaps we still worked in a dim office and
duplicate some troublesome documents. If there was no Newton, and no theory of
gravity, maybe I will win the Nobel Prize like Newton rather than just standing
here. I have heard that three apple changed the world. The first one seduced
Eve. The second one awakened Newton. The third one was in the hands of Steve
Jobs. We sort of think the innovation of the world began with apple. I imagine
lots of people want to become another Newton or Jobs right now with just one
hand to change the world, right? Have the innovation to follow your heart. It
somehow already reflects what you truly want to become. Everything else is
    Via questioning, we can start to innovate. Via innovating, we can start to
create better lives. No innovation, no improvement. No improvement, no success.
And no success, no civilization. Now, our time is limited, so don't waste it
living someone else's life! Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out
your own inner voice! Don't let yourself down! It is the innovation that we
cannot afford to lose!
    There are many inventions that have changed the world so much. Here is a
short introduction. For example, a digital camera was invented by Steve J.
Sasson. It was invented in 1975. People use it to take photos. The telephone was
invented in 1876. It was invented by Alexander Bell. It is used for
communicating with each other. Telephone makes it easier to communicate when you
are far away from each other. Radio was invented by Guglielmo Marconi. It was
invented in 1895. When you are free, you can use it to listen to the news and
music. It also makes our life more interesting.
    There are more inventions that have changed the world. They are very
important for us.
    Good morning,everyone! Today I'm going to talk about inventions.
    Inventions are created every day because people would like to make life
easier.There are famous inventions like the TV and the bicycle.TV provides us
with different kinds of information so that we can know more about the world.We
watch entertainment programs to relax ourselves.Besides some learning programs
help us with our study.
    The bicycle is very useful,too. We go to school or work by bike.It's not
expensive that most of us can afford it.It makes no pollution,which is good for
our environment.What's more ,bicycle riding is a kind of exciting sports which
is quite good for our health.
    Though there have been many great inventions, I wish to invent a kind of
pen which can help us write more quickly and neatly.When we meet problems in
doing our homework or taking exams,it will tell us how to solve them.
    That's all .Thank you very much.