My Friend(我的朋友)
    Zhang Dong is my best friend。 He entered our class last semester。 He is a
boy。 Both of us are good at English, so we often have a chat in English in our
spare time。 After school, we often play football together on the playground。 He
runs so fast that I can not catch up with him。 He is an excellent student。 He
not only gets good marks in all subjects but also is very kind and modest。 He
loves popular songs and also classical music。
    There are three people in his family and he is the only child。 His father
is a doctor and his mother is a Beijing Opera actress。 Though Zhang Dong's
family is wealthy, he is usually simply dressed。 He has a dream which is to be a
    Such is my friend, a clever and kind boy。 He is highly praised by the
teachers and students。
    我的朋友 My Friend
    Zeng Qiao is one of my friends。 She is a beautiful, outgoingand
good-tempered girl。 She smiles frequently。 I think it’s her smile that makes her
beauty。 We live in the same dormitory, so that we always stay together, no
matter going to classroom or having dinners。 At first, I don’t like her very
much, because she is always talking。 It seems that she can’t stop open her
mouth。 I am a little bit quiet and introverted, so I seldom talk to others。 But
gradually, I find that she can have influence on others by what she says。 Zeng
Qiao likes sharing interesting things with others。 For example, she likes
telling us her funny stories of her childhood or her former classmates。 She
always tells me that I should be more extroverted and learn to talk to others。
Under the influence of her, I municate with others more frequently and I find
that it feels so great。 I am so grateful that I can have such a good friend。
    I have a good friend。 She is a girl。 And she is pretty。 She is very good at
English! And her English grades are very well!
    My good friend is a student of HengFu Road Middle School in class five
junior one。 She is 13 years old。 She is 1 years older than me。 And she has two
beautiful eyes。 She has a cherry mouth and a little nose。 She loves to smile。
And her smile is very beautiful。
    Do you know her hobby? Let me tell you! Her favourite sport is badminton。
She enjoys doing housework and playing puter games。 So her mother loves her very
much。 And all of her family love her, too。
    I am very happy to be her friends!!
    My good friend's name is LV Junru. He is tall, has a pair of big, bright
eyes, curved eyebrows like a sickle, short hair, sharp chin, round face, and
smiles like a ripe red apple.
    We often play and do homework together. After school, we went home happily
together. When we do our homework, we take out our Chinese and math homework
first, and then take out our pencils and sharpen them. Then we did our homework
quietly and seriously. Suddenly, I encountered a problem that I couldn't do.
Just when I was sweating, he came to me and taught me detailed problem-solving
methods and steps. With his help, I finally fully understood.
    We help and learn from each other every day, and slowly we become good
    I have a close friend whose name is LiBing。 He is half head taller than me。
He likes to dress in blue jeans and he is very friendly to people。
    Once I was ill at home。 He lived far away from my house but he came and
helped me with my study。
    He always says, "A life without a friend is a life without sunshine。" My
friend has done the same as he says。 I'm happy to have such a friend。 If he is
in trouble, I'll try my best to help him。
    Zhu__ He is my good friend. She has a pair of big eyes, watery like two big
grapes, and her eyelashes are dense and long, very beautiful. She has black and
beautiful hair, and her little face is always red, like a big apple. She wears a
ponytail every day. It's very cute!
    We often play the game of Eagle catching chicken together. At the beginning
of the game, we always use the form of stone, scissors and paper to decide who
is an eagle. Once, when Cheng Rui was an eagle, her movements were very agile. I
blocked left and right, and I did my best to solve the skill. I couldn't protect
my chicken. She caught her. We had a good time every time, and happy laughter
spread all over the campus.
    We often run together, jump rope together and draw together... We do a lot
of things together. We are a pair of inseparable good friends.
    ____ She is my good friend. She is a lovely little girl. Her eyes are big
and bright, like shining stars; She has a round face and a pair of lovely
dimples when she smiles. LAN LAN is very optimistic and always smiles. Whenever
I see her smiling face, I feel happy.
    After school, LAN LAN and I often exercise on the playground. We like
running very much and often have running competitions. In a running race, I
accidentally fell down and couldn't help crying. Lan Lan hurriedly ran over to
help me and encouraged me to carry on the game to the end. I clenched my teeth
and tried to rush to the finish line. LAN LAN is waiting for me at the end.
Cheer for me!
    This is my good friend, a kind little girl. She always gives roses and
shares happiness with others.
    My good friend's name is Zheng __, He is nine years old. He is almost as
tall as me. When he smiles, his eyes are always narrowed into a line, which
makes people feel very playful. He also has a eloquent mouth. He always competes
to answer questions in class and talks endlessly every time. He is very
knowledgeable and is a little doctor in our class. We all like him very
    We play games together, draw pictures together, do experiments together and
play flying flower order together. I remember once when we played the flying
flower order, we said to each other poems containing "Moon". At first, we said
one thing to me and you said one thing. It was a lot of fun! After about a dozen
sentences, Zheng Haoren got stuck. He touched his head and thought hard for a
long time, "if you can't say it again, I'll win!" "I'm sure I can think of it!"
He didn't give up, and finally came up with a sentence: "the moon geese fly high
and escape alone at night." Look, this is the "little doctor" in our class, a
"little doctor" who refuses to admit defeat!
    She, her name is Li _. She is my good friend.
    Her hair is black and has a braid. Her red face glowed like a ripe apple in
September; There are also a pair of childish eyes decorated with long eyelashes
on his face, like two crystal grapes. Look, when she smiles, her white teeth
show up!
    We often play a game called "horse riding". This game can be played by 4-8
people. At this time, Yu Hanyu and Hu Shuxiang also want to play. Of course, we
are very welcome! The first is grouping. Li zhangchi and I are in a group, and
they are in a group. I am a galloping "fine horse", running with her.
Originally, they were ahead. I found that Li zhangchi didn't hold on. I said to
her, "hold on, I'm going to rush." I fired like an "arrow" and pursued them
closely. At the critical moment, we caught up with them and shouted happily, "we
    It's nice to have a little partner!
    I have a good friend named Cheng, He is a humorous and cheerful person. He
is tall and fat. He has a chubby round face and a pair of black and blue glasses
on the bridge of his short nose. The little eyes narrowed into a slit when
laughing. He also has a loud voice and a eloquent mouth. He sometimes pretends
to be serious, like a little adult.
    We often read, study and play games together. What makes me most happy is
playing Taekwondo. Qiye taught me Taekwondo. I worshipped him as my teacher. He
first taught me the basic attack 'Zha Ma Bu'. At first, I learned from him, put
my feet apart, stretched my arms straight, and said with a smile, "this is a
standing horse step"! I squatted down. He frowned like a coach and said
seriously, "this is a squatting horse step!"! I quickly stood up again. He
pointed happily and said, "yes, that's the position. Hold it for ten minutes."
But this half squat is so difficult that I can't hold on for a minute. He saw me
lazy, standing there with my waist crossed, complaining while angry. Looking at
his little adult appearance, I couldn't help falling to the ground laughing and
stammering: Master... Stop talking. "There are so many jokes because of a horse
    This is our friendship.