Ⅰ.Hot words and hot phrases常用词与常用词组
    1.Medical studies show that AIDS virus cannot be transmitted via the
following routes:cups,glasses,toilet seats,swimming pools,mosquitoes,other
insects or blood donation.(P.49)
    2.AIDS is a disease that breaks down the body's immune system and leaves a
person defenceless against infections and illness.(P.51)
    3.People get AIDS after having been infected with the HIV virus.(P.51)
    4.People transmit HIV by having unprotected sex,by receiving infected blood
transfusions or,as in Xiaohua's case,through birth.(P.51)
    5.Xiaohua's mother contracted the HIV virus when she was 28,and she died of
AIDS only three years after Xiaohua was born.(P.51)
    6.The disease is spreading faster in Africa and parts of Asia,mainly
because of a lack of proper health care,prevention and education.(P.51)
    7.The drugs that are available are much too expensive and difficult to
    8....but she does not let that knowledge discourage her.(P.51)
    9.She also goes to visit other AIDS patients in hospitals across the
country to support them and cheer them up.(P.51)
    10.The disease is not the only thing that AIDS patients have to suffer
    11....that can persuade hospitals and companies to allocate more funds for
AIDS research and education.(P.52)
    12.Xiaohua has learnt to live with HIV and the fact she will eventually get
    13.Two years ago,Dr Richards had asked me a great many questions and had
taken samples of my blood.(P.55)
    14.Mum held my hand and I saw that she was weeping.(P.55)
    15.Cancer is a disease that begins in cells.(P.55)
    16.In my body,the production of cells is disrupted.(P.55)
    17.Doctors do know that cancer is not caused by injury and is not
contagious—it does not spread from one person to another.(P.55)
    18.The cancer in my body has been defeated for the moment.(P.55)
    19.Living with cancer has made me realize how precious life is and how
important it is for us to take every chance to live life to the
    20.Every day is a new opportunity and I have learnt to appreciate every
minute of each day.
    Ⅱ.Language points and grammar focus语言点和语法重点
    A.Language points语言点
    1.HIV/AIDS is incurable...(P.49)
    AIDS is a disease that...leaves a person defenceless against infections and
    2.People get AIDS after having been infected with the HIV virus.(P.51)
    3.As with most diseases and disasters,the young suffer the most.
    “定冠词 + 形容词/过去分词”表示“一类人”的用法的小结
    4.I had been feeling sick for a long time and my mum had taken me to
hospital to have me examined.(P.55)
    2)“to have + 宾语 + 过去分词”的两个内涵及用法
    5.The treatment was successful and I was able to go home after exactly
fourteen months,two days and six hours in hospital.(P.55)
    was/were able to do与could do在内涵上的区别及各自的用法
    6.I have been living with cancer for two years and...(P.55)
    Ⅲ.Skills of the four essential abilities:listening,speaking,reading and
    1.Listening:Master the main idea of a long dialogue through the inner
connections among the questions so as to have better understanding of the
questioned details
    2.Speaking:Talk about deadly diseases and attitudes towards
    3.Reading:Make full use of informational words and phrases
    4.Writing:How to write a personal narrative
    1. Instead of spending your vacation on a bus, ... you may want to try
hiking. Instead和instead 0f的用法
    2. Say "Hi" / "Hello" / "Thanks" to sb. (for me) 问候的句型
    3. Is anybody seeing you off? 进行时表将来
    4. She struggled and struggled, and could not get on her feet. (= keep
    5. You should not go rafting unless you know... unless引导条件状语从句,相当于if...
    6. By staying at..., tourists can help the villagers make money so that
they can take care of the fiver and the birds. 目的状语从句
    7. She was so surprised that she couldn't move. 结果状语从句
    8. Tree after tree went down, cut down by water. 过去分词作状语
    9. The next moment, the first wave swept her down, swallowing the garden.
    10. However, before she could think twice, the water was upon her. It
didn't take long before the building was destroyed. before的用法
    1. cultural relics 文化遗产
    Many unearthed cultural relics were exhibited at the museum.
    博物馆展出了许多出土文物。By definition the capital is the political and cultural center
of a country. 根据定义,首都是一个国家的政治文化中心。
    2. rare and valuable 珍贵稀有
    It is rare to find such a genius nowadays.
    The flaw in this vase makes it less valuable. 这个花瓶因为有点缺陷,不那么值钱了。
    3. in search of 寻找,寻求 = in search for
    He's sailed the seven seas in search of adventure. 他闯荡七大洋去历险.
    He went to the south in search for a better future.他为了寻找更好的前途到南方去。
    4. in the fancy style 以别致的风格 in … style/ in the style of ……以……风格
    These clothes are too fancy for me, I prefer plainer ones.
    5. popular
    She is popular at school. 她在学校里很受人喜欢。
    This dance is popular with young people. 这种舞很受青年人喜爱。
    6. …a treasure decorated with gold and jewels, which took the country’s
best artists about ten years to make. 用金银珠宝装饰起来的珍品,一批国家秀的艺术家用了大约十年的时间才把它完成。
    decorate with 以...装饰
    7. be designed for …为……而设计
    by design 故意地
    My brother designs to be an engineer. 我弟弟立志要当工程师。
    This room was originally designed to be my study. 这间屋子原预定做我的书房。
    His parents designed him for the army, but he preferred the navy.
    8. belong to 属于
    We belong to the same generation. 我们属于同代人。
    9. in return 作为回报/报答/交换
    in turn 依次地,轮流的;转而,反过来
    10. a troop of 一群He is surrounded by a troop of friends. 他被一群朋友围住了。
    11. become part of… 变成……的一部分
    It is part of the way we act.
    12. serve as
    The room can serve as a study. 这间房子可作书房用。
    13. a small reception hall for important visitors 接待重要来宾的小型会客室。
    14. Later,Catherine II had the Amber Room moved to a palace outside St
Petersburg where she spent her summers. 后来,叶卡捷琳娜二世派人把琥珀屋搬到圣彼得堡郊外她避暑的宫殿中。
    have sth done
    We had the machine repaired.
    15. In 1770 the room was completed the way she wanted.
1770年,这间琥珀屋按照她的要求完成了。 ( I was never allowed to do things the way /that/ in which
I wanted. 我从来不允许按照自己的想法去做事情。)
    16. Sadly, although the Amber Room was considered one of the wonders of the
world, it is missing. 可悲的是,尽管琥珀屋被认为是世界上的一大奇迹之一,可是现在它却消失了。
    I am considering going abroad. 我正在考虑出国。
    I consider it a great honor.我认为这是极大的荣幸。
    We consider that the driver is not to blame. 我们认为这不是司机的过错。
    We consider it (to be ) true.=(We consider that it is true.) 我们认为这是真实的。
    a couple of words missing 缺的两三个字
    There is a page missing. 缺少一页。
    Police are combing the woods for the missing children.警察搜遍树林以寻找失踪的孩子.
    17. be at war 处于战争状态,交战
    18. remove some furture and small art objects 把一些家具和小件艺术品搬走
    He removed the mud from his shoes. 他去掉鞋上的泥。
    This old table is a valuable piece of furniture. 这张旧桌子是一件很珍贵的家具。
    19. in less than two days 在不到两天的时间里
    20. There is no doubt that the boxes were then put on a train for…
    There is no doubt that she will keep her word.毫无疑问她会遵守诺言的.
    There is no doubt that Taiwan belongs to China. 这是毫无疑问的,台湾属于中国。
    There is no doubt that she is capable of the job.她能胜任这个工作,这是毫无疑问的.
    21. After that, what happened to the Amber Room remains a mystery.
    it remains to be seen 尚待分晓
    The fact remains to be proved.事实尚待证明?
    remain in呆在家里 remain out呆在外面, 留在户外
    These matters remain in doubt. 这些事情仍然值得怀疑
    He's determined to remain loyal to the team whatever comes his way.
    Peter became a judge but John remained a fisherman. 彼得当了法官,但约翰仍然是个渔民。
    22. By studying old photos of the former Amber Room, they have made the new
one look like the old one. 通过研究琥珀屋原来的照片,他们建造的新琥珀屋样子和旧的看起来非常像。
    23. One day he was looking in a second-hand furniture shop when he saw an
amazing object among the many different vases and jewels.
    24. without doubt 无疑地,确实地
    He is without doubt the cleverest student I've ever taught.
    25. the UN peace-keeping force 联合国维和部队
    26. The old man saw some Germans taking apart the Amber Room and receiving
    那位老人看见一些德国人把琥珀屋拆开搬走了。 take apart 拆卸,拆开
    Take apart the pieces before putting the toys away. 玩具拿开前先将它拆成一件件的。
    27. In a trial, a judge must decide which eyewitnesses to believe and which
not to believe. 在审讯中,法官必须确定哪些目击者可信哪些不可信。
    28. rather than
    Tom rather than Jack is to blame. 该受责备的是汤姆,而不是杰克。
    I prefer to read rather than sit idle. 我宁愿读书而不愿闲坐着。
    We aim at quality rather than quantity. 我们的目的是重质不重量。
    29. by the light of the moom 借助于月光
    30. for oneself 亲自,独自地
    One should not live for oneself alone. 一个人不应只是为自已活着。
    31. To my surprise the entrance to the mine was closed
    32. I think highly of those who are searching for the Ambe Room.
    33. Nor do I think they should give it to any government.
    34. do with 处理,忍受,对付
    I can't do with his insolence.
    What do they do with the coin?
    35. take notes of 记录,把……记下来
    Please take notes of the important while you read. 请边读边把重要的事情记下来。
    36. Read the information that is provided for the visitors.
    They provide us with food. 他们供给我们食物。
    We provided food for the hungry children. 我们为饥饿的孩子们提供食物。
    It's wise to save some money and provide for the future.
    He has a wife and seven children to provide for. 他需要赡养妻子和七个孩子。
    37. It will not only give you a chance of practising your English but also
of developing an interest in local history at the same
    38. for fun 为了消遣,为了开心
    He plays violin just for fun.