Today is Thanksgiving Day, I with my father and mother had a mysterious, is
humorous, also very unforgettable Thanksgiving...
    Today to eat dinner, mom made a delicious Fried rice, but todays Fried rice
didnt put a sausage, have a bit not taste, I complained: "todays Fried rice did
not taste!!!!!" Mother said: "today is Thanksgiving Day, should gratitude can
eat full, you complain about rice here they have no taste." After I listen to,
hurriedly to face to the rice, earnest of say: "gratitude rice let me eat
satisfied!" , listening to his mother laughed, father is still serious eating
    It was still early, homework in the evening I decided to give mom and dad
have a secret Thanksgiving. I take out my prize bag, take out your prize, and
then put my home picture inside, in my secret chest again took out the lucky
star, floret stamp with a blue and white porcelain beads. Lucky star sparkling
under the bright lights, blue and white porcelain beads are big uncle gave me,
there was a beautiful peach blossom pattern, I also have a! Before the floret
seal is my favorite seals. Was going to give mom a piece of my brother and I
find it like a jade stone together, but then a thought, dont feel right, just
take it out from the bag, in the chest, two love, then I cut the picture of two
balloons, and then, put them together, mom and dads room to cut some arrows,
from the hall to mom and dads room, mom and dad saw it, immediately to treasure,
when they saw the "smile" I wrote, to laugh, I immediately took a memorable for
them, fuzzy photos...
    I believe that this memorable Thanksgiving, will certainly be photos and
diary recorded...
    We are supposed to express our gratitude to others on Thanksgiving Day.
However, we should feel gratitude every day.
    God has two dwellings, one in heaven, and the other in a meek and thankful
heart. Be grateful to others is a way to show your love. In our daily life, we
often receive help from our parents, friends, colleagues and strangers. Perhaps
it is a little thing, pick up the pen you drop, lift a heavy box for you or
offer you a seat in the bus. We should be thankful to them for whatever they
have done. The more love you give, the more love you receive.
    A sense of gratitude can acknowledging our interdependent existence. You
will be ready to help others if you have a thankful heart. Therefore, a thankful
heart is like a magnet. Not only will we attract more things to be grateful for,
but also we will attract gratitude from others. “give thanks a little and you
will find a lot.”
    Gratitude is heaven itself. A sense of gratitude and indebtedness to others
is and important wellspring of a generous and virtuous life. We now fall into a
busy life, neglecting to be grateful for details, the beauty of nature, the
comforts of modern living ,the love of parents and so on. People can notice
these details and realize the friendship, love and happiness in our life with a
grateful heart.
    Thanksgiving Day is coming soon, it is on the fourth Thursday in December.
Thanksgiving Day is very popular in western country, on that day, people will
make a big turkey to eat. The day is to in honor of Indian people's great
kindness. A long time ago, some puritans took the boat May Flower to Americafor
freedom, but they suffered from starvation and illness, the Indian people helped
them, gave them food and treat them. The puritan planted something, they were
eager to have good harvest, at last, they got it and felt very grateful to God
and the Indian people, so they decided to make a day to remember this and show
    On the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving Day, I made an envelope on
the day of Thanksgiving, which read: the gift that wang xiyuan gave her. Inside
with a small piece of paper, it read: your mother is my ents, I like a small
tree, you help me with the scissors with branches that bad, let me grow up
faster, thank you, mom. My mother put me in my arms and said, jia jia is
sensible! I'm so happy.
    I gave my dad a paper airplane that said, "the gift from wang xiyuan."
There was also an envelope in the suture of the paper plane, and there was a
note on it that read: daddy happy Thanksgiving, father surprised and a sound,
said: my jia jia grow up! I smiled and walked into the study to play two
children's songs for mom and dad. It was little red riding hood and the golden
peacock. A sweet piano. The whole family's laughter echoed in the real room.
    Students, how do you spend Thanksgiving? Tell me about it!
    Today is Thanksgiving Day, I decided to give my mother a wash.
    In the evening, I finished my homework, I was watching TV's mother said:
"Mom, you come to the bathroom!" mother asked, "what do you want to go to the
bathroom?". I was inside the tub pour some hot water, then crouched low, said:
"please you to lift the foot!" to my mother on shoes and socks off mother this
just understand I the inside of the bottle gourd sell what medicine.
    "Son, what day is today, what do you think of me to wash up?" my mother
stroked my head and said. "Today is Thanksgiving, to thank you to raise
graciousness, from today to me every day are to your feet!" Mom silent silent. I
looked up, saw her mother's eyes hanging like a star, I know, that is happiness,
happy tears. "My good son ah, my mother can wash, know your filial piety mother!
Are you going to the bookstore for a while!" mother bent over gently patted me
on the shoulder. But I like a piece of "stone", squatting on the edge of Japan
must give her feet, not. My mother fail to beat me, "but if you insist".
    Dad came back, mom can't restrain happy mood, the father said: "Liu ah, son
grow up!! know it hurts parents!" then she put today's business 15110 told him.
My father took my hand and said: "my son, today is Thanksgiving Day, I forgot, I
do not go to visit your grandfather, grandmother, I have to learn from